Rice Purity Test Score Data: Insights and Statistics

Score Score Meaning
100 to 98 This means that very few people fall into the category of being as pure as gold.
97 to 94 This means that you are relatively pure, although you may have engaged in activities such as holding hands or showing affection towards someone.
93 to 77 This means that you are of average purity and may have engaged in activities such as being in a committed relationship or having more intimate experiences.
76 to 45 This means that your innocence has been significantly compromised, possibly due to experiences involving addiction or legal troubles.
44 to 9 This means that your level of purity is severely impaired, possibly due to experiences involving substance abuse, incarceration, or engaging in physical intimacy in public settings.
8 to 0 This means that you have committed extremely wild and possibly violent acts, such as engaging in transactions involving payment for sexual services or being involved in situations where you were paid for sexual services.
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Rice Purity Test Score Average Across the Globe

Country Avg. Boys Purity
Avg. Girls Purity
United State 43.9 43.1
United Kingdom 49 45.4
Canada 50.9 47.6
Australia 46.8 46.1
Germany 53.1 52.7
Netherlands 37.1 35.1
Ireland 61.1 56.3
New Zealand 58.6 59.9
Singapore 41.0 43.3
Indonesia 46.2 49.1
Sweden 51.9 55.0
Italy 34.7 38.8
France 36.1 40.2
India 65.0 67.9
Brazil 36.1 34.2